Travel after lockdown

I can’t be the only one nervous about getting on a flight in this new post covid world we are going to be living in, am I? Not wanting to be a downer, as I usually like to be positive on my blogs, but I do also want to be realistic and share my views….

What makes a great travel itinerary?

For me a great travel itinerary starts with planning, especially when it’s a city break and most especially when it’s a destination I am visiting for the first time. I do so just to be able to optimise my time, but equally I try not to be too rigid in my planning and would tend…


My images of Prague, as captured in September 2018.   Clockwise: Vaclav Havel airport/Trdelnik sign/viewing deck/Hrdcany/Prague castle/Dancing house/Staromestska metro/Vltava river/Prague fridge magnets/St Vitus Cathedral/Trdelnik (Chimney cake)/Old town square/Marionette dolls