UK International Travel

As I write this on 16th May 2021, international travel is opening back up in the UK this coming week and with that comes a handful of travel destinations that won’t require quarantining upon return to the UK (My personal prerequisite for travelling anywhere-otherwise it’s just not worth it in my view). You would think I will be jubilant at the prospect, but for some reason I am not being swept up in the excitement just yet! I expected to have a different reaction – booking a trip at the first opportunity and counting down to my next adventure abroad, instead I think I’m going to play it cool, see how things unfold and then possibly book something for the end of the year or next spring! I do have a couple of destinations in mind which do not feature on the green list, so it will have to be a waiting game as to when I’ll be able to book.

For those interested in the list of safe (green) countries that won’t require quarantine on return, the website provides this here. What must also be considered is whether or not those countries are allowing visitors in at all at this time and any quarantine measures on their end. I suppose part of my hesitation comes from the fact that covid is still very much raging with new variants popping up still and I am not fully vaccinated yet. Perhaps once that is out of the way I will feel more confident to take the plunge. For now though I think I’ll play it safe-explore the UK a bit and enjoy what’s closer to home.

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