Vaccine Passport- Do I need one?

So many new words and phrases have been added to our everyday vocabulary in the past year, no thanks to the pandemic- most notable mentions include –Lockdown, Shielding and more recently Roadmap and now there are talks about Vaccine passports. Whilst the ins and outs of how exactly one of those will work are still being put in place I wonder if it’s worth taking a gamble and booking a trip now before the inevitable rush starts. International travel is opening back up in May 2021, we’ve been told and the UK is implementing a traffic light system with countries classed into Green, Amber or Red categories, depending on whether you need to quarantine and the level of quarantine required when you return to the UK. As it stands most of Europe is out, so no cheeky jaunts on the Eurostar to France or Belgium for now or a quick 1-2 hour flight to the continent. So what we are effectively left with is mostly Asia and the Caribbean, which let’s face it, I would quite happily take, once deemed safe of course.

So, back to vaccine passports- the first step presumably will be that you would have to be fully vaccinated – getting the 2 jabs and then you would have the freedom to do as you please (not true!) but that at least opens up the possibility of international travel, possibly going out to large gatherings and a myriad other activities that we have all been longing to do for months. I personally cannot wait till we have more clarity on what this new process will entail, but first I need to get my jabs! I am eagerly awaiting my turn. The vaccine passport is contentious and is raising lots of questions here in the UK, but I think for those of us who are used to travel that requires proof of immunisation, we would be onboard with whatever the outcome is- or maybe that is just me.

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