2021- New Beginnings

Happy Easter everyone, or should that be Happy New Year?! I thought I’d take this opportunity to send you my well wishes today and also to resurrect my nearly defunct writing on this blog! A bit of symbolism there.😊 Given the challenging year we’ve all had, I do hope you have been taking the time to do what you enjoy and spending time on what truly matters to you. As we eagerly wait for things to get back to normal travel-wise, I have enjoyed walking-getting out in nature and taking in fresh air away from screens and enclosed spaces and I can say that I now know my local park (forest) like the back of my hand. There is no shortage of walking trails and I always discover little hidden nooks and crannies on every walk.

On today’s walk someone had laid out an egg hunt for Easter and it was such a fun and unexpected thing to see in amongst the trees and foliage. I thought it was really sweet and will no doubt put a smile on many faces today and for days to come. Equally, with spring upon us, it is lovely to see flowers beginning to bloom and it goes without saying that sunshine makes everything so much better. There is now a wave of optimism in the air in my part of the world with lockdown easing and things slowly returning back to normal. I do hope you enjoy the photos as much as I loved spotting the hunt and taking them. Xx

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  1. Hey, welcome back. Yeah, happy new year too. Great read. Please we need more from you.xxx


  2. Thanks YO. Great to see you on here and I’m glad to be back, it’s been too long!🤗


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