Travel after lockdown

I can’t be the only one nervous about getting on a flight in this new post covid world we are going to be living in, am I? Not wanting to be a downer, as I usually like to be positive on my blogs, but I do also want to be realistic and share my views. I have been playing out different scenarios of what travel would look like in my head since the UK government started easing lockdown measures gradually and I have to admit that they leave me a bit unenthused. I don’t think most people had any idea just how far reaching and long lasting this situation would be at the beginning of lockdown back in March.

We are now in phase 2 of the easing, I guess you could say: Non-essential shops will begin to open up this coming week and with that the numbers of travellers will no doubt begin to rise as that will signal that things are getting back to ‘normal’. What would that mean for air passengers at airports? I imagine one would have to arrive at the airport even earlier than before to go through the various health checks in place before boarding a flight.

That would only be the beginning of course- once on the actual flight, how is social distancing going to be enforced amongst passengers? And isn’t social distancing going to be redundant if the same recycled air will be shared with hundreds of other passengers on the flight for hours, making the concept of social distancing a moot point? I am prepared to be corrected on this, but I am not sure how this would work on an enclosed plane.

Rail journeys may have a slight advantage, as windows can (mostly) be opened on trains and you sometimes have stops along the way depending on the train service, journey and operator, hence having less of the recycled air issue, but again the social distancing issue remains.

I welcome your thoughts on this. Do you have post-lockdown travel plans? Or have you travelled recently? Any feelings on how safety will or should be implemented by airlines/train operators? Do you have advice on how to be safe? Would love to read them.

Stay safe!x

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