What makes a great travel itinerary?

For me a great travel itinerary starts with planning, especially when it’s a city break and most especially when it’s a destination I am visiting for the first time. I do so just to be able to optimise my time, but equally I try not to be too rigid in my planning and would tend to swap days around as things unfold. A great itinerary has to hit several activities from low to high energy. Sampling the local cuisine as authentically as possible is a given, as well as throwing in a few must see sights and must do activities for good measure! There is nothing I love more than going off the beaten track and discovering non-touristy parts to see what surprises lie behind the city walls and those are usually what leaves the biggest impression and connects me to a new place.

Given the current situation, perhaps now is the time to start putting an itinerary together for that next destination, for whenever it does happen, which it will. I know for me, not being able to travel freely has been strange, as I’m sure it is for most people but for now we can dream and look forward to when it would be possible again, with a solid itinerary in hand.

Stay safe everyone!

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