Solo great!

Travelling solo can be very daunting, yet equally liberating. It gives you a chance to really find out who you are, how you react in certain situations and forces you to spend time in your own company in a completely new environment. Conversely, it can allow you to open up to strangers as you might not necessarily do if in a duo or group setting and in turn form new friendships, if only for a brief moment.

My 10 solo travel tips!

Have a plan and draw up an itinerary especially if travelling to multiple destinations in one trip: The last thing you want is to be frazzled when you should be having a nice time.

Be safe: Keep all personal belongings safe and take precautions when out in public; no flashing of valuables, as this will only draw unwanted attention to yourself.

Don’t be afraid to eat alone at that restaurant with great reviews, if it takes your fancy. You have as much right as anyone else to be wined and dined, even if you’re doing it yourself.

Enjoy your own company: You’ll be surprised how truly wonderful your company is, if only you would indulge in it a bit more ( or maybe that’s just me;)

Strike up a conversation with people should you feel so inclined.

Pack light even if travelling to multiple destinations. You don’t want to be lugging a heavy suitcase around, if you don’t have to.

Join in group activities offered through various event/experience companies: This will break up the monotony and allow you to meet others who might also be travelling solo and hopefully you can learn a new skill in the process.

Have a good book to keep you company at that cafe when taking a coffee break.

Make use of prepaid taxis as much as possible, ask your hotel to book on your behalf or use one of those peer-to-peer ride sharing app based companies, you know the ones..

Again, safety comes first, don’t do anything that puts you in danger and be sure to have emergency numbers to hand just in case.

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